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Why Truck Consulting and Investing?

Truck Consulting and Investing was created to help others get the most out of their new career choice. Trucking is an excellent choice for many people. The Industry needs a hand in keeping and training new Drivers. 
Truck Consulting and Investment is an excellent choice for Investors as well. Everything gets moved by Truck one way or another. We help Investors by learning more about the Industry and getting the best out of their Drivers.

Trucking Companies are all about training and safety. They will train you on all the rules and regulations that pertain to your job. They will talk about managing your HOS hours according to regulations and their company policy. Wait there’s more! They will also ensure you have address code and rules of conduct. How you are to act a shippers and receivers and what to do with load problems.


Where in that list do they teach you to be successful? Yes, you need to be compliant with laws and company rules to be employed and driving. Where is the class that can maximize your paychecks and time off?

Which training do you think will make you more successful? Have you ever had a true training course? It’s an interesting question isn’t it? We have all had new employee training. Every Company is interested in telling you how to do it their way. They always act like you will be successful if only you have this training.

Why would they teach you, upfront, how to make more? All companies have turnover. The more they have the less they care to invest in new employees. New employees must wait for additional training and classes at a later date. Could you have become more financially successful at any company if only you had known about other opportunities? Have you ever left a company expecting better pay for the same job, only to find out they had lied or stretched the truth? Truck Consulting and Investing shows teaches you the simple formulas and questions to ask BEFORE switching to an even worse position.

Truck Consulting and Investing, tells you what Drivers get paid. We also show you how to calculate your pay in different positions. Do you want to be just a Company Driver? That’s fine. Do you want to own a Trucking Company with a 100 trucks? We teach you that also and everything in between.

Can you spot the Business owner? Company Driver? Lease Operator? Owner Operator? Independent? Which one is an Investor?

How about an easier question? Which one is a trainee? New Driver? 2+ years’ experience?

I ask these questions because no one can look at you and say what you are going to be as a Driver. You make those choices yourself. How much risk do you want? Do you like the security of being a Company Driver but want to own a truck and have someone else manage it? That is another thing Truck Consulting and investing does for investors.

A single person is living inexpensively in a rental property that they like. Their doing just fine and do not need a bigger place. They can afford to buy a house and rent it out. This individual has created a revenue stream that is generating CASH FLOW that can lead to more properties. The owner hires a property management company to: find a renter, handle repairs, advertise vacancies, collect rent money. The owner waits for the monthly profit after expenses and management fees.

Truck Consulting and Investing can do the same thing for a Company Driver, Owner operator and Investor. We are a guide in the Trucking Industry. We show you the possibilities and give training to help get where you want to go.

What kind of retirement do you want? How long do you want to drive? The choice is yours and we are here to help you! Truck Consulting and Investing is a tool. Use it to build your financial future.

James Brown       702-701-6617

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